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峯水 亮 写真展 Jewels in the night sea ...

2018/07/03 15:56 (Tue)

2018年8月20日(月)~8月29日(水)日・祝日・休業日を除くキヤノンギャラリー銀座所在地: 〒 104-0061 東京都中央区銀座3-9-...more

Larval-fish of Manefish - ヤエギスの稚魚

2017/12/17 09:10 (Sun)

This is larval-fish of Caristius macropus (Bellotti, 1903). Body length was SL20 mm. Larval-fish is know...more

Larval-fish of Spinyfin velifer-ヒメクサ...

2017/12/14 21:27 (Thu)

Larval-fish of Spinyfin veliferSpinyfin velifer is very rare fish. It inhabits continental slope and oceanic ridge at d...more

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ときめくクラゲ図鑑 写真・文:峯水亮 / 山と渓谷...

2018/07/19 09:55 (Thu)

2018年8月25日 山と渓谷社より「ときめくクラゲ図鑑」発売のお知らせです。ときめくクラゲ図鑑<書籍内容>美しく幻想的な写真...more

夏休み キヤノンキッズパーク体験イベントのお知らせ

2018/07/17 23:05 (Tue)

海にくらす生き物の写真を撮りつづけ、図鑑や本などでかつやくするプロ写真家 峯水亮さんが、すばらしい水中の生物の世界をたく...more

Eye to Eye... It's conveyed from the Eyes.

At the moment when I face the living thing through the camera's viewfinder, various emotions are glimpsed in their eyes. What are they complains to me? As a creature that lives on the same earth as them, I wish to tell the message through the photos and words.

Eye to Eye... 瞳から伝わる


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Through the fertile sea... to faces various lives.

The sea is always a live show. It does not have the same moment. In that momentary scene, various living things are glimpsed. There are plenty of dramas that make a group, live in a couple, trying to eat, to be eaten by somebody.

豊穣の海から... さまざまな命と向き合う。


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Fascinated by plankton...

Someday, I began to shift one's attention to plankton. Until then, even though I met in the ocean, there were only living things that I almost passed through, but the creatures that I could hardly see in the eyes. They are trying to achieve growth to adults while taking advantage of amazing wisdom and techniques. It's actively all the time while feeling the tidal, light, wave, smell of other living things, etc., as well as being merely shed by the tide. In addition, Unusual appearance and form is for functionally and that has a reason for each one.



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